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Wine and Gastronomy

Wine and Cooking class

Join our Chef in the kitchen for a pleasurable activity while he shares some of his culinary secrets about Portuguese gastronomy. Visit Portugal from top to bottom through flavours, culture, traditions and  amazing stories.
Learn how to prepare a specific dish or even traditional pastry, with our chef, choose the appropriate wine with our wine expert João Guedes, and be ready to taste it at the end!

“Tascas” Rally

Meet Porto through its typical snacks, a different and delicious way to discover the city. Visit the most famous “tascas” (typical restaurants and bars), a Portuguese endangered heritage, and taste some of their specialties. Follow us through a fun route, mixing the knowledge of Porto’s history and traditions with the full satisfaction of the palate!

Sports and Adventure

Golf clinic

This activity is perfect as a first approach to Golf. Participants will have a lot of fun and strengthen human relationships, while learning how to swig and hit.
Ideal to relax and building team spirit in corporate events, or simply to get in touch with nature and give a boost of positive energy to yourself, your friends, colleagues, partners or clients.

Surf experience

Add a great workout and some waterside excitement to your event with a private or small-group surfing lesson in the heart of Portugal’s surf culture. Portugal’s 850 km coastal strip is unique in the world and offers a great number of surfing sports in a short distance, so you can always rely on the waves.
Get an informative and fun surfing lesson with expert instructors, who show you the basics to start catching waves.

Buggy ride

Enjoy a dirt and dust fun tour in the beautiful landscape along the tracks of the shakedown rally of Portugal, with passages through small streams and winding roads. If you choose to experience greater technical difficulty, we will take you through rugged terrain.

Culture and Tradition

Outdoor mystery

A game that consists of the combination of historical heritage and cultural exploration with an adventurous purpose. In this challenge, you must discover an artefact that is in danger of sestruction and, with it, an important eternal historical fact would disappear. Exploration, teamwork and communication are essential to save the artefact.

Peddy paper

Choose a city, and explore it on foot while solving a mystery. Careful observation, teamwork and analysis of available information are essential to complete the task on time. The most emblematic monuments, among other curiosities, are part of the route that will lead you to successfully complete an important mission.


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